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Be a top-flight public speaker !

The mastery of public speaking is undeniably an asset that represents a huge opportunity to boost your career, reach your objectives and go from the role of manager too that of a leader. Solid public speaking skills and the ability to exercise influence leaves nothing to chance. Our experts in strategic communication in English accompany you during crucial moments to advise and coach you so that you can use various public speaking techniques with ease.

Making great presentations

Whether it be a meeting in a small group, a customer visit or speaking at a conference before hundreds of people, everyone has faced the challenge of speaking in public. Call on our experts so that you can put all the secrets of public speaking on your side.

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The famous elevator pitch has become an inescapable communication technique to convince and persuade your business partners, investors and clients very quickly. Because you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression, LingoFacto helps you to build pitches that are clear, memorable and engaging.

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Storytelling has been used to transmit knolwedge and traditions, forge unity in the community and perpetuate the sense of belonging. Digging into your past experiences and those of others allows you to put the human element at the heart of key issues and thereby capture your public’s interest. Being capable of using this communication technique will help you get what you want by delivering messages that move people to take action!

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Non-verbal communication

The role that non-verbal communication plays in our interactions is huge. Today, this aspect communication is widely recognized , studied and applied by the greatest leaders of our generation. Learn to master your body language thanks to simple-to-use techniques and regular practice.

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