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Do not read your slides

If you are using powerpoint, think twice.

Each slide must serve a purpose and must go light on content.

Too many words are a killer.

But the real killer is...

Hara hachi bu

If you are looking for a good idea to lose weight, try hara hachi bu. This Japanese concept means only eat until you are 80% full, not 100%.

The is...

Just like Dizzy Gillespie

The great jazzman and trumpet virtuoso, Dizzy Gillespie, said at the end of his amazing career, “It has taken me all my life to learn what not to play”.


Leaning on technology

One more time to make a rant on powerpoint.

Do not lean on your slides like a drunken sailor leans on a lamppost, meaning for support rather than illumination.


The surgical strike

Most presenters are convinced that they need to tell their audience everything.

Their presentations are packed with facts and their slides are overflowing with data.

The problem is, that people...

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…

Imagine Tony Parker going into a big game and deciding that he can’t be bothered with warming up.

He’ll just wait for the game to start to make things happen.

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