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Being crystal clear

In every presentation, you should define what you want your audience to do or learn.

To get them to do something, you need a compelling call to action.

To get...

Time well spent

Not every presenter feels comfortable with a laugh and a joke.

Not everyone is able to turn their story into a thrilling action-packed adventure.

But every speaker should be intent...

Just be yourself

"What makes anyone a great presenter?

Simple: your audience wants an authentic story from a real person.

Someone with problems and challenges.

Someone with goals and ambitions.

The trick to performing...

Just having a conversation


A recent survey in the United States showed that people feared speaking in public even more than death.


That is a strong statement!

And we are talking about a...

Show no fear

To be fair, if there is something on the line, you are going to feel a bit nervous.

Everyone gets nervous when the stakes are high.

The thing is, your...

Finding your voice

The easiest way to progress as a presenter is to work on your voice.

You have to find your ‘presenter’s voice’ to make maximum impact.

People are in fact much...

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