High Performance Conference Call

Increase productivity and improve the impact of your telephone conferences held in English, so you can manage your international projects with panache!

"The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority."

- Kenneth Blanchard


Telephone calls or conferences are often the cause of frustration and seen to be inefficient. International teams and export companies, however, need these modern means of communication to work well for their projects to progress effectively. These types of meeting are important for managers not only because of information that needs to be shared, but also as a means of communicating a sense of leadership, strong enough to overcome geographical distance and the language barrier.

The High Performance Conference Calls seminar, will enable you to optimise the productivity of your telephone calls and conferences. You will be able to exert influence and inspire commitment in communication with international partners and teams.


I want to be able to:


  • Lead a telephone conference in English
  • Manage my stress levels
  • Get my message across effectively despite the distance
  • Feel confident even when the person I am communicating with is not in the same room as me
  • Inspire commitment in my teams


  • Learn a lexicon of key phrases in English to structure your communication and anchor it firmly in the context of online meetings
  • Formulate high-impact phrases to encourage action or inspire commitment
  • Use ice-breakers  and other techiques designed to break monotony
  • Use your voice to increase impact and strengthen your leadership
  • Analyse and master best practices to include in your communication strategy
  • Be aware of best practices regarding using visual aids such as PowerPoint or similar, used during telephone conferences
  • Carry out practice scenarios based on real-world situations to practice and reinforce new techniques
*The seminar lasts a day and alternates theory and practice for easy assimilation of the materials covered. Tricks and tools are presented and practiced to improve performance.
High Performance Conference Calls

High Performance Conference Calls

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Seminars can be run on an in-house basis – contact us at care@lingofacto.com