High Impact Writing

Be confident in your choice of words and be confident in the result

When information can be read on the other side of the world before the sender has even had time to leave the office, speed of communication cannot be disputed. In this context, more than ever, we need to feel sure that what we write can be understood quickly and accurately. Billions of dollars’ worth of business value and shareholder value can depend on the right choice of words for a given piece of writing.

Written strategic communication must therefore be taken very seriously. Its impact must also be considered carefully, in a world overloaded with fleeting forms of communication.

We have helped our clients in the following contexts:


  • Writing strategic and financial reports
  • Intercultural awareness to be sure that written information has the right cultural impact
  • The effect of images and choice of colour to get the right message across
  • Presenting information such that appearance best emphasises meaning, to increase impact and readability  
  • Internal newsletters, writing content for external web sites and intranet sites
  • Written sales documents, explanatory and technical writing and more

Services and organisation are adapted according to need

High Impact Writing

High Impact Writing

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