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« The limits of my language denote the limites of my world. »

This quotation from the philosopher and mathematician Ludwig Littgenstein anchors the meaning of words firmly within their social context. Similarly, business success is largely dependent on clear communication which allows both for cultural difference and individual context.

For a range of reasons, many functions in a company can suddenly develop an international dimension. Entry into foreign markets, strategic mergers or acquisitions leading to colleagues being relocated abroad, moving a production unit to another country… and suddenly all the world is in your office, where so much international communication is done on line.

Working internationally is not new, but modern online interaction and communication over social networks makes it accessible in an entirely new way, both for organisations and for individuals.

Our solutions and seminars

Intercultural Performance

A good understanding of self – of individual perspective, values and drivers – is useful in any social context, whether personal or professional. Such an awareness is even more important, however, in a multicultural professional environment, where differences can be brought together to constitute an unparalleled source of strength.

Next Level Selling

Modern means of communication make the entire world a potential marketplace. Standing out from the crowd in the Internet Age requires high-impact communication that will add value to products and services and help you reach your objectives.


In a fast-paced world, teams can be required to work together over short periods, on large-scale projects with cross cultural boundaries; the resulting pressure can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Allow your teams to work together effectively and constructively, enabling them to reach their collective goals.

High Performance Conference Calls

Telephone calls and conference calls are unavoidable when the professional context crosses international boundaries.

Overcome technical difficulties and improve communication to accelerate progress and get the results you deserve!


Successful and long-lasting international development depends on carefully controlled and effective communication.

Carefully crafted video communication can strengthen the impact of a message. A well written scenario and selection of the right key words and phrases can give just the right nuance to the ways in which ideas are expressed.  

High Impact Writing

The speed of modern means of communication has significantly increased the need for good written communication.

Not only must the message be communicated fast and clearly, it must also be appropriately nuanced. The writer needs to be sure it will be understood quickly and accurately across varying cultural, social, economic and even political contexts.

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