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We always notice life’s great communicators, and we secretly wish we had a bit of their magic. Inspiring communication is a gift… But one which can be acquired.

The most talented people are not necessarily those that have had it easy. They are generally those that have been able to overcome challenges, pushing themselves that bit further to do things differently, with the tools available to them.

Finding the right words, making memorable presentations, developing ideas with confidence, overcoming fear or anxiety, speaking so as to capture the audience’s attention, managing the flow of questions calmly and positively – all these skills really can be learned, perfected and improved. Make your public speaking as good as you are!

Our services and seminars

Making Memorable Presentations

Language need no longer be an obstacle to becoming a good speaker. Be ready for your next meeting, conference or strategic discussion in English.

Public speaking, body language, stress management, delivery, impact… Work with us on all aspects of your public speaking to turn yourself into a top-flight communicator.

Power & Pizazz

While learning to communicate with confidence is within everyone’s grasp, varying contexts mean that both needs and tools can change from one situation to another.

Women leaders often operate in contexts which require very specific tips and techniques for skilled communication.

Business Negotiations

Strength lies in an ability to see each negotiation as an opportunity, that will allow everyone to feel they have gained something.

Negotiation is not necessarily a difficult step, but it is a step that will allow advancement, improvement and progress. It is vital to have the right tools that will enable clear and confident communication in contexts where the stakes are often high.

Business Storytelling

Once the fundamental skills for making presentations have been acquired, storytelling will help you take your public speaking to a whole new level.

Knowing how to create emotion and capture the attention of your listeners, to actually be the change you want to see in others, is not an art reserved only for those that do TED Talks. Give yourself the opportunity to influence and inspire in the same way!


In a world where nearly 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day, it goes without saying that strategic communication can need to rely on video images. 

Communicating through images helps reinforce the impact of a message. Present your company or your products, or even train new team members effectively. The contexts in which this form of communication is used are many and varied. Our service includes support with the initial high-impact writing, right through to the final film production stage.

High Impact Writing

In a world where speed and efficiency are vital, strategic written documents must be on a par with the information they are communicating. Careful structuring of written documents, be they 1 page or 100 pages long, requires expert consideration of strategic objectives, visual impact and the choice of words used.

All these elements can be made to work together to guarantee successful written communication.

High Performance Conference Calls

Optimise productivity and the impact of telephone conferences in English, to allow you to manage international projects with success.

Modern methods of communication used in international telephone conferences need no longer be feared!

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