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“Some leaders are born women”

Christine Lagarde, Oprah Winfrey or Queen Elizabeth II – we are all able to bring to mind examples of women who we listen to readily or who are able to captivate their audiences; brilliant women who get noticed in spite of the fact that it is still so often men that make up the rules. Their ease may seem entirely natural, but this is not the case. Their presence and enviable natural authority are not a coincidence – these charismatic women apply techniques that they have carefully honed through working on voice, state of mind, body language, positioning and stress. This is great news – because it means it is possible for all of us!

By the end of the seminar Power and Pizazz: how extraordinary women communicate, you will also be able to communicate with greater impact in English and exude natural authority. You already have all the ability and talent you need!

Women leaders often need to operate in contexts that require communication tools and techniques that are specific to them.


I want to be able to :

  • Speak in public in English with confidence
  • Find ways to overcome the stress and anxiety associated with public speaking
  • Improve my presentation skills to maximise the impact of my message
  • Make myself heard more easily by having stronger presence and natural authority
  • Be a woman who inspires others


  • Identify what is different for women when it comes to public speaking and the effect of these differences (in meetings, presentations or interviews)
  • Learn to project your voice to increase impact
  • Work on speed, rhythm and intonation to add drama and intensity
  • Take control of your voice and body through stress management techniques
  • Develop good positioning and anchoring
  • Select words carefully to exude competence, authority and power
  • Structure your speech to increase credibility and strengthen overall effect
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