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“That’s what storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again.”

Storytelling has always been used to stimulate ideas, reinforce messages, strengthen a sense of identity and perpetuate a sense of belonging. Knowing how to draw on personal experience, or the experience of others, is a powerful way of grabbing people’s attention. It also places human experience firmly at the centre of the equation. Storytelling can therefore help bring people together to create a positive group dynamic and add momentum to ideas. Learn to use this communication tool to your advantage!
After the Business Storytelling seminar, you will be able to use this technique to deliver key messages with impact, make sure people remember you and bring listeners round to understand your vision.
The seminar lasts a day and alternates theory and practice for easy assimilation of the materials covered. Tricks and tools are presented and practiced to improve performance.

The art of storytelling can be used in a business context to enlighten, give meaning and encourage innovation.


I want to be able to :

  • Pitch in English with maximum impact in 30 seconds
  • Use the art of storytelling in a professional context
  • Stand out from the crowd, with an original way of communicating
  • Structure my messages effectively
  • Reach my communications objectives


  • Learn to introduce yourself in English in 30 seconds, with maximum impact, using the Elevator Pitch technique
  • Know how to create the right emotion to strengthen your message
  • Use the art of storytelling to better sell, convince and persuade
  • Structure a speech effectively
  • Learn to tell a story for maximum impact
  • Be able to adapt your message according to those you are speaking to
  • Create a ‘finished product’, specific to your context, which you will be able to use in real-world strategic communication situations


Face-to-Face seminars:

LingoFacto offers this face-to-face seminar in person, in intra or inter-company sessions. Our Business Storytelling seminar provides one full day of training in a fun, dynamic and interactive format. Participants are consistently amazed by the powerful of storytelling and the ease with which they become better storytellers themselves. This seminar is designed for groups of up to 8 participants. Of course, special requests are welcome and we will adapt the content and duration to all sizes of groups and your specific needs.

This training can be conducted in English or French, depending on your preference.

Online training:

At LingoFacto, our consultants have redesigned our flagship seminar, “Business Storytelling” to create a remote version. Business storytelling is useful in all types of business settings and is the best way to illustrate ideas and make them memorable. Every point should have a story and every story should have a point. This online seminar is organized in three two-hour workshops:

Session 1 – ‘The secret recipe of business storytelling’
Session 2 – ‘Learn from the pros’

Session 3 – ‘Tell your own story’

Each session is designed to alternate theory and practice. This makes for a lively training dynamic that guarantees easy assimilation of the materials covered. Tricks and tools are presented and practiced to immediately improve performance.

LingoFacto recommends 3-4 participants for each seminar. The purpose of limiting numbers allows for a personalized approach that we feel is vital for real opportunities to practice. Using real-life scenarios, with personalized feedback and tips for improvement, constitutes LingoFacto’s signature training style and gives participants the confidence to project their new skills into their future personal context.

These sessions will be delivered on Microsoft Teams or Zoom. In order to ensure maximum participation and progress, we recommend limiting the number of participants to a maximum of 4 .

This training can be conducted in English or French, depending on your preference.

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