Work that body!

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Body language can be a powerful tool which contributes to the overall efficacy of your presentation. Use it to enhance your public speaking and have the desired impact on your audience. Remember that stance communicates. Your weight should be evenly balanced and you should lean slightly forward, suggesting that you are engaged with the audience. […]

The rule of 3

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Structure is important. In storytelling and in presentations it allows your message to be engaging, memorable and easy to follow. The rule of three is designed to help you achieve these. Derived from writing, the rule of three supposes that events, characters, and elements of a story become more effective and engaging to your audience […]

The silent dynamic

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The silent dynamic is an expression used to refer to the ‘vibe’ in a room, that helps you pick up on audience expectation while you’re speaking. Sometimes it’s obvious. When the audience laughs at your jokes, it’s always a reassuring sign that things are going well. But presentations aren’t always packed with jokes, and the […]