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When pursuing international business development, adapting your communication to the local context is essential.

When you want to develop your business in international markets, you have to rethink your communication from the optimal angle all the way down to the best specific word choice. For example, Anglo-Saxon markets don’t respond to the same codes and are not sensitive to the same arguments as the French market; just as a customer in France is not necessarily sensitive to the same values as an American. A successful process of internationalization has to be built on the formulation of a tone of communication adapted to your objectives and the local context. Our team of experts in strategic communication, Americans, British and French, accompany you to internationalize your communication materials.

Strategic communication


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Redefining your value proposition

Effective communication requires strategic thinking regarding your situation, means and ambitions. Thanks to our advanced communication tools and methods of creativity, your team and ours can work together to redefine your value proposition to help you reach your targets.

The result of these work sessions is the creation of your international communication orientation, adapted to your development objectives and market expectations.


Co-creation of your sales kits in English

The right word and the right tone for better sales results

Our native English-speaking experts in « High-Impact Writing » accompany you to proofread and edit key documents and/or to produce the various written tools you need to develop your sales internationally (sales materials, technical data sheets, website…). We adapt to your context, the stakes of your project and your needs to guarantee that you have effective, impactful and well-adapted tools. 


Optimization of visual supports

Communication through words… and by design

At LingoFacto, our experience has shown us that the right visual form highlights the content to get the right results. That’s why we work with our graphic design team to harness the power of images, colors and layout to communicate your messages in the most powerful way.


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