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An excellent communication strategy is the first essential step towards building a successful international transformation project.

Conquering new markets, M&A, takeovers, opening a foreign subsidiary… the life of a business moves to the rhythm of its transformation projects; and their successful execution is crucial for a company’s sustainability and expansion. The human factor is absolutely indispensable to make these projects a success. Our experts accompany you to formulate pertinent messages to focus your teams on a common goal. We also help you to build in-house training programs, or train-the-trainer programs perfectly adapted to your needs to help you reach your objectives.

Strategic communication


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Preparation of meetings with high stakes

Communicate your key messages with the best possible angle of communication

As a manager or executive, you are one of the key spokespersons for all of your transformation projects. You need to be sure that you communicate effectively, and with assurance, regarding your company’s ambitions, objectives and challenges. Our native Anglo-Saxon experts help you to define the best strategic angle of communication, and help you prepare your meetings when the stakes are high. They accompany you to write your speeches to guarantee the success of your talks.


Intercultural performance

Facilitate interactions and boost the productivity of your multicultural teams

International transformation projects almost always involve the management of multicultural teams. Their success depends to a large extent on smooth relations and mutual understanding amongst different stakeholders. That’s why we take action alongside your teams to help them use their cultural differences as a strength and boost their performance for the benefit of your company.


Learning design

Create a training program to support your transformation

Transformation projects are extremely strategic for companies and depend greatly on the staff’s ability to drive and integrate change. Our extensive expertise in pedagogical engineering and strategic communication enables us to accompany you to design and optimize your in-house training programs intended to bring about the desired strategic changes.


Train the trainer

Train your in-house trainers to transmit their knowledge effectively

In order to ensure smooth execution of your transformation, you can call on external trainers to embody your project, but also use in-house staff, who are subject experts, to accompany your teams. But having strong expertise in a certain field doesn’t necessarily make that person a good trainer. To be sure that your trainers transmit the right messages with the right posture, we advise them regarding training style and public speaking techniques during our « Train the Trainer » seminar, in French or English, to guarantee the success of your program.


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