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Optimize the impact of your in-house communication to successfully lead your international projects

For successful international business development, it is often necessary to rethink your business model to adapt to the local target market. You also need to define sharp messages to communicate a clear vision and concrete objectives to your teams to ensure success. Because a simple translation won’t be good enough, LingoFacto accompanies you at each step in the creation of your strategic documents in English intended for investors, decision makers and your international teams.

Strategic communication


Your objectives, our solutions

Adapt your business model to your new objectives

Carry out strategic thinking concerning your value proposition by using our “Fun Biz Canvas” methodology

Before moving into a new market segment or a new foreign market, you need to validate your business model to ensure success.

Bringing your teams together to use this thought-provoking business model methodology is a powerful way to validate your approach to the market and build a strong team spirit at the same time. By using the Fun Biz Canvas creativity and collective intelligence tools and sharp strategic communication techniques, our experts help you to bring out the best in your talents and validate your business model for your new product or market launches.

Co-creation of a viable and original business model in English

In order to present a viable business idea to investors or foreign partners, a word-for-word translation of a strategic document such as a business model won’t be good enough. You have to find the right angle of attack to increase the strategic impact of your messages and put all the chances of success on your side.

After this phase of redefining your value proposition, our native English-speaking experts can accompany you to co-create the messaging related to your business model and strategy. They help you craft the right wording and find the right tone of voice to reach your business objectives.


Optimize the impact of your strategic plan

Accompaniment for the formulation of objectives

When you are building a strategic plan, communication plays a major role to help convey messages in the best way. When that involves international teams, the challenge becomes even greater. Our American, British and French experts advise and accompany you to define the best angles of communication and the right tone for your documents.

Co-create your strategic plan to maximize its impact

Many projects fail, not because the ideas weren’t good, but rather because the project leaders weren’t able to communicate the right messages to motivate and federate their teams. At LingoFacto, we put our expertise in strategic communication in English at your service to craft impactful messages with high perceived value and build strong communication strategies. Depending on your specific context, we work alongside your teams using the most suitable linguistic approach to formulate and validate your strategic plans. 


Reinforce your in-house communication

Co-creation of impactful documents to move your teams forward  

As leaders and team managers, part of your daily mission includes delivering the right messages to your teams to motivate them to work efficiently and in line with your objectives. At LingoFacto, we help you to draft or re-write your in-house documents in English to make sure that the right messages circulate inside your company. 

Preparing and leading meetings

Bringing your teams together, sometimes from different offices or countries, is expensive and time consuming. Being well-prepared is key to ensure success and cost-effectiveness. Our experts advise, coach and prepare you for important moments with high stakes. We help you to define the best line of communication, write your talks and help you to prepare their delivery.

To play an active role in their events, many of our clients call on us to act as Master of Ceremonies to lead their meetings. The big advantage for team leaders is that that they can focus on their key messages, observe group dynamics and take the floor only when it makes strategic sense. LingoFacto, in the role of Master of Ceremonies, impulses positive energy, organizes icebreakers at timely moments and creates an atmosphere conducive to trust and sharing to ensure a strong return on investment for your events.


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