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Prepare your sales teams to conquer new markets.

Good communication is a terrific asset to grow your sales. In an international context, being capable of making a solid sales pitch, present sales arguments and negotiate in English is key for success. Strengthen your sales team’s competence to reach your sales goals. At LingoFacto, experts in strategic communication, we have designed a program in English, ‘Next Level Selling’, to foster effective communication and boost sales efficiency.

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Optimize the impact of your sales pitch

We work with your sales teams to reformulate your value proposition by placing it in an international context. By using solid techniques for communication, creativity and teambuilding, we bring out their best ideas to define a sales pitch that is adapted to your sales objectives.

We also train sales reps to verbalize your pitch in the most effective and impactful way thanks to our « Pitching for success » seminar, which helps them integrate all of the secrets secrets of a successful pitch.


Internationalize your sales arguments

Conquering new markets, a new territory or a new country requires rethinking your sales arguments to address the new context, local needs and expectations.

We accompany your sales teams to brainstorm and fine tune their sales arguments and their ability to handle questions and objections to ensure their international business readiness in all sales situations.


Reinforce your sales skills in English

« Next Level Selling » to develop your sales skills in English

Today’s means of communication make the entire world a potential market. Successful selling and the ability to stand out in the crowd in such a context, especially in a foreign language, requires impactful communication. That’s why we have created our « Next Level Selling » seminar.

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« Business Negotiations » to hone your ability to negotiate in English

To satisfy the numerous requests of our clients, we have created a seminar intitled « Business Negotiations » to reinforce the sales skills of your team, increase their level of confidence and optimize the impact of their communication in sales situations with high stakes.

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« High Performance Conference Calls » to increase the effectiveness of conference calls

Phone calls and conference calls are often a source of frustration and are almost universally perceived as a waste of time. Nevertheless, international teams and companies that export are have to use these modern communication tools as a practical means of moving their projects forward. Consequently, there is an increasing need to optimize the impact of these virtual meetings by putting into place effective strategies and communication techniques. Our expertise in strategic communication gives you the tools you need to increase your impact and leadership. Our seminar, ‘High-Performance Conference Calls’ gives you all the tools you need to keep your teams focused motivated despite the barriers of language and distance.

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