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Developing your business in international markets requires a different approach from your domestic market. Finding the right tone and well-adapted communication is especially important when you undertake an international business development project. The right strategy has to be defined, rethinking your document chain, adapting your marketing materials and preparing your teams for this new challenge. LingoFacto puts its knowledge of international markets and its expertise in strategic communication at your service to enhance your company’s performance beyond borders.

Co-creation of your strategic business documents

During the business development process, especially when going abroad, you need to rethink your business model to adapt to the target market. To be successful, you need clear communication with your teams to express what’s at stake. LingoFacto accompanies you at each step in the creation of your strategic documents, to address investors, decision makers and your teams.

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Internationalization of your sales kits

When you want to develop your business internationally, you have to rethink your communication to create the best angle of communication through careful word choice. For example, Anglo-Saxon markets don’t respond to the same codes and aren’t sensitive to the same sales arguments as the French market. Building or reinforcing your internationalization process requires strengthening your communication tools to meet your objectives. LingoFacto accompanies you at each step to ensure international business readiness and build the sales tools necessary to get the job done.

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Better communication for more sales

Ensure your business readiness to develop international markets by giving your sales teams and foreign representatives the keys they need to succeed: well-honed sales tools and communication skills. For years now, LingoFacto has put its international experience and intercultural expertise at the service of its clients to help them communicate better in English and achieve greater levels of sales internationally.

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Make your international transformation projects a success

Conquering new markets, M&A, takeovers, opening a subsidiary, negotiating a licensing agreement… the life of a business moves to the rhythm of its transformation projects. And the ability to drive change successfully is crucial for sustainability and growth. To do that, the human factor is indispensable. Our experts accompany you to design and develop specific communication and training tools intended for your teams that express your vision and foster motivation.

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