Making a great pitch is the art of establishing credibility in record time!

Your pitch for investors, trade shows, sales… This inescapable communication technique generally remains a difficult exercise that can have terrific or disastrous consequences for a project. LingoFacto accompanies you at each stage of creation of your various pitches from strategic analysis of the context and key messages to the most effective verbalization of them.

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Strategic analysis and creation of your pitch

Sharp definition of your value proposition and how to showcase it

The first step in creating a good pitch is to take a bird’s eye view of your project, business or solution to formulate a very precise and clear definition of your value propositions. That’s why the strategic orientation of a pitch can vary significantly depending on the end goal. Does it target investors? Is it a sales tool? Is it for a trade show? Our consultants accompany you throughout this process to create the right pitch for your context.

Pitch training

Practice verbalizing your pitch and get ready to defend your project

We provide pitch training and consulting for companies of all sizes: startups, SME’s and large corporations. Our ‘Pitching for success’ training, in English or French, balances theory and practice and offers numerous opportunities for live rehearsals to deliver an efficient and effective pitch. Our coaching will ensure your business readiness for international trade shows, meetings with partners or sales visits with key customers!


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