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Speaking in public is not a natural talent that you have or don’t. It is a skill that is learned!

Finding the right words, making memorable presentations, developing ideas with confidence, overcoming fears and anxiety, speaking in a way that captivates your public, handling questions calmly and positively: all of these skills can be learrned, perfected and improved. Our public speaking experts accompany you so that you can become a better communicator for your customers, teams and business partners.

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Public speaking training

Master the fundamentals of public speaking – for you or your teams, in intra ou inter-company training

By combining their extensive public speaking experience and expertise in pedagogical engineering, the consultants at LingoFacto have designed a tried and proven training program that has helped hundreds of professionals in France and worldwide. During our ‘Making Memorable Presentations’ seminars, you’ll learn all the secrets of public speaking and put your newfound knolwedge into practice throughout the day to obtain guaranteed results! This program, available in English and French, can be done with your entire team or in an inter-company format depending on your needs.

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Individual coaching

Get prepared for a major event or a high-stakes meeting

Our experts accompany business executives, managers and sales reps on a daily basis to get them ready for presentations where the stakes are high: strategic analysis of the key messages to be communicated, practical application of public speaking techniques, rehearsals with feedback from your coach… Get ready to meet the challenge!


Speech writing in English

To optimize the impact of your speeches

Speech writing is a critical and complex exercise in your mother tongue and even more difficult in a foreign language. Call upon our consultants to proofread, edit and improve the wording of your talks in English. We accompany you to carry out strategic thinking regarding the content and help you find the right wording to create the overall impact and facilitate the understanding of your message you need to reach your goals.


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