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Public speaking expert, media training consultant and TV host
‘Power and Pizazz: how extraordinary women communicate’ specialist

Alice TUMLER was born in Innbruck, Austria, from a French mother and an Austrian father. When she was just a teenager, she decided that she would become a TV host. To reach this goal, she moved to London to study Mass Communications and Cultural Studies, followed by drama school in Paris to improve her oral expression and to make the stage hers. At the age of 25, she started her media career, including working for the French-German cultural channel ARTE and France 3 to host a series of documentaries for the French travel show “Thalassa”. In May 2015, she had the honor to be chosen to be one of the hosts of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria. In 2017, she was chosen to lead a face-to-face interview with French President Emmanuel Macron.

After all these great experiences, Alice decided to coach other people to speak in public, in front of an audience or a camera: learn to breathe properly, slow down, find the right tone and be as natural and impactful as possible. Being charismatic, mastering the art of storytelling and women leadership are three further topics she dedicated a lot of research to. 

She is now working with CEOs who need to gather people for a new project and new goals, managers who need to motivate their troops for the coming year and speakers who have to give a presentation on a sensitive subject. She helps them with non-verbal communication, voice, self-confidence, natural charisma, speech, emotional link with the audience and stress management.


« By becoming your coach, here are the goals I want to achieve with you :
Communicate your message or idea in an effective way
Captivate the audience’s attention with your only presence
Give an authentic, passionate and memorable speech
Handle your stress and be able to bounce back if you blank out
Take pleasure speaking in public
Ready to rise to the challenge? »



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