Train The Trainer

An ability to blend technical skills and clear communication are essential when putting together a training course; but you can benefit from a new level of influence, trust and even kudos when your training is not only clear and concise but inspirational and even fun.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

- W.B Yeats


Training programmes can rely on external expertise, or they can draw on in-house knowledge to harmonise best practices and ways of operating. In this case, in-house experts are asked to share their knowledge with fellow employees, either at home or even abroad. Training in your own language already presents a unique combination of challenges, but rolling out a training programme in English, when it is not your mother tongue, can take demands on the trainer to a whole new level!

Our Train the Trainer seminar will equip you with a clear and proven approach to planning, preparing and implementing your training programmes. All techniques are tried and tested by us, and will help you structure your content so it can be adaptable and easy for your audience to assimilate. Use our training techniques and tools, and draw on our vast experience, to inspire change and enable the transformation your organisation needs.



I want to be able to: 

  • Be the ideal trainer - the one that people listen to, the one that can adapt
  • Feel confident in front of a group of people who are depending on you to help them make changes
  • Respond to real needs by designing content and ensuring delivery that will influence, inspire and engage
  • Be aware of the stakes behind any training course and use them to increase influence and ensure a positive process for all involved
  • Have classroom presence and authority that will help you embody the positive dynamic you want to see in others




  • Establish clear objectives (official, real and perhaps hidden) to develop an appropriate and realistic training programme
  • Learn how to use ice-breakers to establish a positive learning environment fast
  • Harness the basics of successful public speaking to help your trainees engage with your content, increase your classroom presence and give authority to your communication
  • Combine elements that work together to create clear communication and enable an adaptable training style that still guarantees results
  • Master the three fundamental characteristics that guarantee a successful training session
  • Use visual aids and slides to increase the impact of your message
  • Understand the usefulness of modern learning tools and technology and whether they are appropriate to your programme
  • Develop a bank of tools, different activities and delivery options and know when to use them appropriately

*Invest just two days of your time so we can use both theory and practice, to allow fast assimilation of techniques and appropriation of tools, and make you the trainer you want to be!

Learn to plan, produce, practice and perfect, building training solutions that work.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

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