Master of Ceremonies

Make your meetings, conferences and round-table discussions easier

« Benefitting from the expertise and experience offered by LingoFacto to help organise and lead our conference

was key to the success of the project. »

- Daniel CHABBERT - Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises In the context of the international Global Industrie trade fair


If you organise strategic meetings, conferences and round-table discussions in English, the support of a professional in the role of Master of Ceremonies is invaluable.  

To increase overall performance at events, everyone should have a role to play. Our role, as Master of Ceremonies, is to release you from the overall responsibility of giving the event impetus. Deciders can then maintain a position from which to analyse, observe and inspire.

You are the master of your strategy and your objectives; we help you to put your events to music so that transformation projects and big meetings can really move things forward.



  • Give your events momentum
  • Give the event shape whilst freeing up key players so they can focus on content
  • Identify the strategic issues of the event to highlight the right messages during round-table discussions
  • Create a positive atmosphere with professional facilitation
  • Give other speakers coaching to increase the impact of their messages
  • Incorporate techniques and activities that will capture and hold the attention of participants

The expertise

  • Identify the strategic challenges and objectives of your event
  • Provide speech writing assistance where required
  • Give coaching where required, for leaders preparing a plenary address
  • Make recommendations for planning and organisation  
  • Determine questions and write interviews for participants of round-table discussions
  • Prepare the main thread of the event - presentations, clear transitions, activites
  • Lead the ice-breaker session to create the right atmosphere for the event

Scope defined according to your needs

Master of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies

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