LingoFacto is the « Two in One » solution for managers and leaders!

Increase the professional skills you need to progress in your career and strengthen your English communication at the same time.


Strengthen your English communication

If you often need to communicate in English for your job and you want to feel more relaxed, with a better mastery of linguistic nuances and subtleties, then our training is right for you. 

Develop your professional skills

With years of experience in professional training and support programmes as well as top-flight language expertise, LingoFacto can help you excel in your strategic and specialised communication. Learn advanced communication techniques that will allow you to shine and move forward in your field!

Communicate effectively

Be a top-flight public   speaker

Stage your events

Turn your events into one-off moments to remember!

Energise your teams

There is only one small step from manager to leader!

Develop internationally

Feel at ease operating internationally!

High Performance Conference Calls

Telephone calls or conferences are often the cause of frustration and seem to be inefficient.

International teams and export companies, however, need these modern means of communication to work well for their projects to progress effectively.

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What our clients say about us

What a session! At Pforzheim Business School today, we had an opportunity to attend presentation skills training by Mrs Ascherl. What a session! Simply great! Without a second thought, our MBA class can say we learnt a lot during the session! I strongly recommend LingoFacto and Mrs Ascherl!

Srihari Kosuru

Student, Pforzheim Business School

Make presentations more dynamic. In a context where competition is fierce and offerings are numerous, being different is a necessity to exist and be attractive for customers. This training provides the keys and tricks to make presentations more dynamic.

Jean-Claude BARBERI

City stone

I strongly recommend the training “Power and Pizazz” by LingoFacto. It is a communication training especially designed for women. During this one-day training women can progressively and very actively improve their oral communication skills. From the beginning until the end you practice your communication by doing short speeches in front of the group. There is only little theory. Each participant is filmed. Like this you can definitely see the progress you make. Liz is a great trainer and her enthusiasm and professionalism make this training very special.

Doris Anzel

Women & Men Development

In 3 words: motivational, enhancing and inspiring. It was good to train different pitches and hear others participants talking about how they understood my message and behaviour.  The fact that we were recorded and that we got the opportunity to get direct feedback was the best way to master the techniques learned. I got the opportunity to get useful tools to take back to my meetings and daily business activity. Now I feel confident about my future performances, when dealing with customers. Trainers Liz and Brad were excellent.  I would definitely recommend this course. I am looking forward to booking an individual course. The workshop was well organised and professionally managed. Thanks a lot.

Patricia Weiss

Leader and founder, Digitallyours

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