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Salesmanship is limitless. Our very living is selling. We are all salespeople.

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, the sales role has changed significantly. New challenges, new tools, new objectives… In a domestic market, as well as internationally, the 2.0 sales professional needs more than ever to be able to communicate well, in order to reach objectives.

The seminar Next Level Selling equips you with communication skills designed to improve customer loyalty, increase sales and develop new markets with confidence. You will work on real-world scenarios and practice expressing yourself with the rest of the group and the trainer, with personalised coaching on individual performance throughout the duration of the seminar. The result is an ability to grow your sales!

Modern methods of communication mean that the whole world is a potential market. Selling and standing out from the crowd in this context, particularly in a foreign language, requires high-impact communication.


I want to be able to :

  • Lead a sales meeting in English
  • Describe the added value of my products or services effectively
  • Convince and persuade the person I am selling to
  • Develop an effective, consistent sales strategy
  • Perfect my sales techniques, particularly for an international context


  • Validate the different steps in your sales process
  • Manage sales forecasts in relation to your pipeline
  • Prepare a sales pitch in English
  • Prepare mentally for sales calls and meetings
  • Master the four key steps for making a success of a sales appointment
  • Spark interest in the person you are speaking to English, quickly and effectively
  • Master questioning techniques to explore real customer needs
  • Know how to talk about the added value of your solutions
  • Perfect your sales argument to successfully counter objections
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