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“It’s not what you say but how you say it.”

We have all had to speak in front of people at some point in our lives. Whether it is during a smaller-scale meeting or a conference that requires us to speak in front of hundreds of people, most of us approach it with trepidation. Communication can need to be subtle or high-impact, but whatever the context, managers and leaders need to be sure that they are understood and their message is remembered.

The Making Memorable Presentations seminar equips you with communication techniques to help you make a success of presentations, as well as key terms to structure your message effectively. Practice scenarios and personalised coaching on performance will fully equip you to make presentations that deserve to be remembered!

The seminar lasts a day and alternates theory and practice for easy assimilation of the materials covered. Tricks and tools are presented and practiced to improve performance.

The ability to speak well in public is not a gift that people are simply born with. It is a skill that can be acquired with practice and experience.


I want to be able to :

  • Deliver clear presentations in English
  • Improve my presentation techniques to increase the impact of what I say on the audience
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety to give a more confident performance when speaking in public
  • Structure my points clearly in order to capture the attention of the audience
  • Prepare and make a success of a key moment for my career, such as speaking at a conference or participating in a meeting with a client, prospect or partner


  • Study the fundamentals of public speaking
  • Work on language that gives a presentation a clear structure
  • Practice and perfect a high-impact opening for a presentation
  • Learn to use your voice to give the right impression
  • Find ways to overcome the stress and anxiety associated with public speaking
  • Manage non-verbal communication
  • Practice and perfect a well-structured conclusion that your audience will remember
  • Practice with real-world scenarios


Face-to-Face seminars:

LingoFacto conducts Making Memorable Presentations seminars in a face-to-face format in intra or inter-company sessions, for groups of up to 8 participants. The content has been created to provide one full day of training in a dynamic and interactive format. Of course, we can adapt to special requests to adapt the content and duration of the training to meet your specific needs.

This training can be conducted in English or French, depending on your preference.

Online training:

At LingoFacto, our consultants have developed a remote version of our flagship seminar entitled “Making Memorable Presentations”. This seminar is now available in an online format divided into three two-hour workshops over three consecutive weeks:

Session 1 – ‘Finding Your Speaker’s Voice!’
Session 2 – ‘How to capture the attention of your audience’
Session 3 – ‘Do it like the pro’

Each session is designed to alternate theory and practice. This makes for a lively training dynamic that guarantees easy assimilation of the key learnings. Tricks and tools are presented and practiced to immediately improve performance.

LingoFacto recommends 3-4 participants for each seminar. The purpose of limiting numbers allows for a personalized approach that we feel is vital for real opportunities to practice. Using real-life scenarios, with personalized feedback and tips for improvement, constitutes LingoFacto’s signature training style and gives participants the confidence to project their new skills into their future personal context.

These sessions will be delivered on Microsoft Teams or Zoom. In order to ensure the quality of the service, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 4.

This training can be conducted in English or French, depending on your preference.

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