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“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.”

The idea of ‘negotiation’ extends well beyond the formal exchange of contracts agreed on by two organisations. We negotiate for ourselves, sometimes even within our own organisations and private daily lives. The objective of these negotiations is always the same – to get the best possible deal, whilst allowing our partners to obtain conditions they are happy with, the famous win/win scenario.

This seminar aims to supply you with the tools, tips and techniques necessary for achieving your negotiation goals – for greater success and personal and professional satisfaction. With a little analysis and practice, everyone can be a better negotiator.

What are the key ingredients for professional success? Technical skills and good communication, as well as hard work and a dose of good luck, all have a role to play. Another key ingredient that is often underestimated, however, is the ability to negotiate.


I want to be able to :

  • Lead a negotiation in English
  • Establish an effective negotiating strategy
  • Master different negotiating techniques
  • Understand my partners’ restraints and motivations
  • Trust in my ability to argue and convince


  • Define your negotiating profile
  • Appropriate the expressions specific to a successful negotiation
  • Prepare a negotiation
  • Learn the 5 Golden Rules for a negotiation
  • Analyse a failure: why and how a negotiation can fail and how to avoid it
  • Implement win-win strategies
  • Handle aggressive buying techniques
  • Read and interpret emotions
  • Open and lead a negotiation – standard expressions and train through practice scenarios
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