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Work backwards

In order to structure your thoughts, start with the conclusion.

On what journey would you like to take your audience?

What do you want to achieve?

Then, work your way...

Being crystal clear

In every presentation, you should define what you want your audience to do or learn.

To get them to do something, you need a compelling call to action.

To get...

Time well spent

Not every presenter feels comfortable with a laugh and a joke.

Not everyone is able to turn their story into a thrilling action-packed adventure.

But every speaker should be intent...

Just be yourself

"What makes anyone a great presenter?

Simple: your audience wants an authentic story from a real person.

Someone with problems and challenges.

Someone with goals and ambitions.

The trick to performing...

Just having a conversation


A recent survey in the United States showed that people feared speaking in public even more than death.


That is a strong statement!

And we are talking about a...

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