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Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…

Imagine Tony Parker going into a big game and deciding that he can’t be bothered with warming up.

He’ll just wait for the game to start to make things happen.


Don’t talk to strangers

Everyone has heard this adage so how do you apply it to presentations?

It is much easier to talk with people that you know.

So, your job is to learn...

Nobody is perfect

And that is the good news!

People don’t like perfection in a presenter because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

That’s because they know that they are not.

How can you...

Being yourself n°2

As one funny adage goes, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”.

Just as you can sing the same song in different ways, you can swing a golf club to hit...

The power of emotion

We can never repeat it enough; people understand with logic but they buy on emotion.

Your job is to generate emotion during your presentation, beginning with the most powerful and indispensable...

Vivid, colorful language

When you are making a presentation, you are creating mental images for your audience.

Choose your words carefully.

Use powerful, colorful words that paint images in your audience’s mind.

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