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During in-house events with high stakes, call on our experts to co-organize your plenary sessions and play the role of Master of Ceremonies.

To increase overall performance, each team member needs to play her/his role. Ours is that of Master of Ceremonies; and what we offer is the service of leading your meetings by impulsing positive energy: organizing icebreakers, introducing key speakers and leading roundtable discussions. This allows the team leaders to enjoy a role of observation, analysis and inspiration. It gives you the opportunity to focus on your strategy and objectives and allows you to take the floor only in high-value moments. We help put rhythm in your events to move your projects forward and help you to achieve your objectives.



Our solutions

Strategic event planning

Benefit from our experience and creative ideas to optimize the impact of your event

Internal events are an indispensable part of the life of teams and projects. They are invaluable tools to consolidate leadership and share the vision of management. But they can be costly and risky. The experts at LingoFacto help you to ensure a high return on investment for each of your events. We help you to formulate key messages and build the best strategies to deliver the right messages by using sharp communication techniques and powerful creativity and teambuilding tools. Our experience in leading meetings has been forged by our expert knowledge of public speaking techniques. We put them at your service to ensure that each of your events is inspiring, meaningful and original.


Speech writing and coaching of speakers

Call on our experts to write your speeches and get prepared for important talks.

During the preparation of your events, our native English-speaking experts in strategic communication help you to build effective and motivating talks: strategic thinking with regard to the stakes, definition of the objectives and key messages to be communicated, drafting of the contents, individual coaching in public speaking, mental preparation (using advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques). We accompany you at every step to give you all the confidence necessary to make your event a complete success.


Master of Ceremonies for your events

Let a professional Master of Ceremonies take charge of your events, in French or English, so you can focus on your business.

Our role is to put rhythm into your events by organizing icebreakers and other moments of inclusion to create the right atmosphere for your audience. We manage roundtables, introduce key speakers, handle transitions and Q&A sessions and create special interactive moments for participants to keep the audience engaged. Playing this role for you helps you to reach your objectives by impulsing positive energy and allowing you to stay focused on the essential: your event and business objectives.


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