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During in-house events with high stakes, call on our experts to co-organize your plenary sessions and play the role of Master of Ceremonies.

Bringing your teams together during a conference is an excellent way to motivate and inspire them as well as reinforcing their knowledge and skills. Whatever the theme, it is a great moment for sharing and personal development for everyone. The experts at LingoFacto can put their expertise in public speaking and training at your service by engaging with your teams on key topics such as speaking in public, the language of influence and intercultural performance.



Topics covered

Speaking in public

This conference on speaking in public is a very popular topic with a wide range of audiences. In the end, everyone wants to improve their public speaking skills and their ability to lead and influence. We have built a highly interactive format that delivers key tips and tools in fun way. It gives all the participants an opportunity to witness good communication techniques by observing our experts and then, experimenting new tools (a pitch, storytelling, finding your presenter’s voice) in a no-risk environment that fosters a solid team spirit.   


The language of influence

Every manager and every executive is aware of the need to constantly increase the sharpness of their messages to share their vision and keep their teams motivated and focused. This interactive conference offers insights to the language of influence and how managers can use it to make their jobs easier. The conference balances theory and practice so that participants leave with immediate actionable tools of influence.


The performance of intercultural teams

This conference focuses on the performance of international teams and how to improve relational efficacy amongst multiple nationalities. It alters between examples of success and failure. It provides insightful tools allowing each individual to first better understand their own system of cultural values. And it offers moments of interaction in small groups so that teams can focus on how to diminish potential points of friction and combine their strengths to harness the power of cultural diversity.


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