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This phrase may seem contradictory at first but in fact it’s quite logical.

Think about road infrastructure for a moment. You have an intricate framework that allows a car to go from point A to point B. How you arrive at point B though can vary depending on the route you take.

Delivering a message can be thought of in the same way. By structuring a speech, you are giving your audience a clear image of what your destination is. At the same time, you are allowing yourself freedom to take whichever route you choose in order to arrive at said destination.

There are a number of ways you can structure your speech depending on the content. A general outline could include an introduction, three key points and a conclusion. Note that having three key points is also an effective way of applying the rule of three discussed in a previous blog post. However you wish to do it, ask yourself if your structure allows your audience to easily follow you to your destination.

Being crystal clear

In every presentation, you should define what you want your audience to do or learn. To get them to do something, you need a compelling call to action. To get them to learn something, you need to present with conviction and clarity.

Time well spent

Not every presenter feels comfortable with a laugh and a joke. Not everyone is able to turn their story into a thrilling action-packed adventure. But every speaker should be intent on entertaining their audience and teaching them something so that at the end they say,...

Just be yourself

"What makes anyone a great presenter? Simple: your audience wants an authentic story from a real person. Someone with problems and challenges. Someone with goals and ambitions. The trick to performing better is to be more of...

Just having a conversation

  A recent survey in the United States showed that people feared speaking in public even more than death.   That is a strong statement! And we are talking about a country that is considered to be pretty good at standing up in public. Over-reacting to what making a...

Show no fear

To be fair, if there is something on the line, you are going to feel a bit nervous. Everyone gets nervous when the stakes are high. The thing is, your audience rarely sees the difference between fear and excitement. So, decide to be excited and use the...

Finding your voice

The easiest way to progress as a presenter is to work on your voice. You have to find your ‘presenter’s voice’ to make maximum impact. People are in fact much more sensitive to sound than they are aware of. Therefore, your job, is to create the best sound waves...