Stephanie BEAN

Entrepreneur, Language Trainer and Translator

Stephanie grew up in England, and lived in 6 different countries before settling in France in 2001. Her love for communication paired with her adaptability and creativity enables her to motivate participants to breakthrough their fears and make English their ally.

A firm believer in learning through making mistakes, she encourages learners not to worry about speaking perfect English, but rather to communicate through English, as in so doing, we improve quickly and with confidence, making the perfecting side much easier.

With a background in art, Stephanie specializes in the cultural sector, and also works as a coach for artists and musicians; accompanying singers with the writing of their lyrics and their pronunciation for example. Though she specializes in cultural topics, she has translated subjects as diverse as food and drink, agricultural science, research, and history. She enjoys new challenges, and her entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to become an independent trainer-translator under the name of Coach Bean in 2013.

Language training since 2006, her varied approaches and experience in cross-cultural communication have allowed her to understand, reassure, and motivate participants who enjoy her dynamic and personal training sessions. She has trained in sectors such as banking, law, industry, automobile, aerospace, and advertising.

Stephanie believes that the journey is the destination; we get better results when we enjoy the ride and concentrate on the connection rather than just thinking about the desired outcome.