Making Memorable Presentations


  • Integrate all the key points of a good presentation

  • How to formulate your KSP – Key Selling Point

  • Master the structure of a good presentation and its phraseology

  • Understand verbal and non-verbal messages

  • How to manage time and technical issues

  • How to design clear and effective written (PowerPoint) materials

  • Use of voice, resonance, rhythm to optimize impact

  • Techniques and exercises for stress management

  • Mental preparation before performance

  • Filmed scenarios with feedback from the group and the trainer

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  • The Elevator Pitch: how to present yourself and your business in 30 seconds with maximum impact

  • How to build a story in a business context

  • Understand and master the concept of “nested loops” to increase the impact of stories

  • Successful storytelling videos

  • Rhetoric workshop: augment your influence thanks to the use of proven techniques of rhetoric

  • The art of storytelling: mankind is hard-wired to learn through stories and the art of storytelling is the best way to sell, convince, persuade…

  • Filmed presentations: each participant makes presentations that are filmed allowing coaching on individual performance    

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Power and Pizazz: How extraordinary women communicate


  • Public Speaking: what is different for women, what are the consequences (during meetings, presentations, interviews, etc…)

  • Voice: how to use your voice in a full-bodied, impactful way, how to project your voice, how to use your breathing to support your voice, enunciation

  • Speaking in public: speed, rhythm, intonation

  • Stress: how to take control of your voice and your body language by integrating proven stress management techniques

  • Body language: high/low-power poses (Amy Cuddy), anchoring, how to occupy space effectively

  • Contents: techniques to develop your credibility and impact, how to convey competence, authority, charisma and power through word choice and message construction

  • Rhetoric and structural language: how to structure your talk and employ easy-to-use techniques of rhetoric

  • Filmed simulations with feedback from the group and trainer                

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High-Performance Conference Calls

Calls or conference calls are often frustrating and perceived as ineffective. Yet, international teams and exporting companies are forced to use modern communication tools as a practical means to advance their projects.

This training has two main objectives:

  • Optimize the productivity of your calls and conference calls about international projects.

  • Be able to exert influence and generate commitment from your collaborators and partners.

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Business Negotiations: Negotiating your way to success.


  • Understand your profile as a negotiator

  • Acquire and master terms and concepts relative to negotiations

  • Prepare key negotiations

  • Discover and choose between 4 negotiation strategies

  • Integrate and apply the phraseology relating to successful negotiations

  • Practice negotiation skills through role plays

  • Understand why a negotiation might fail

  • Learn about the “golden rules” of negotiations

  • Be capable of dealing with aggressive tactics

  • Understand bias and emotion           

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  • Icebreaker (inclusion exercise)

  • Appreciative inquiry methodology (discovery phase) to forge team spirit

  • Theory and key language: stress management, conflict resolution, assertive communication

  • Training on verbalization and articulation of key phrases

  • Appreciative inquiry methodology (dream phase) using Lego Serious Play

  • Building a better tomorrow in twosomes

  • Better cooperation and mutual support between individuals from different departments

  • Sharing of best practices and building of phrase banks using brainwriting techniques

  • Presentation to the group

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Selling in the Internet Age


  • Explore and better understand your client’s buying process

  • Identify your prospect’s and your client’s true needs

  • Prepare your mental and physical strategy for telephone calls and face-to-face sales encounters.

  • Add value to your solutions and become a trusted partner to your clients

  • Master your verbal and non-verbal communication for more impact

  •  Improve your ability to counter and respond to objections

  • Refine your tactics to close more deals

  • Validate your sales process

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Elevator Pitch or Investor Pitch

You never get a second chance at making a first impression.


  • How to introduce yourself in 30 seconds and create maximum impact

  • Understand the keys to a good pitch and implement them

  • Analyze and practice the structure of a pitch

  • Create different pitches according to context

  • Mental preparation to be at the top of your abilities

  • Filmed footage with immediate feedback on performance

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Cross-Cultural Communication


  • Define cross-cultural communication

  • Demonstrate mastery of basic concepts of culture and of the fundamentals of cross-cultural awareness: power, uncertainty, time, community, communication

  • Understand the dynamics of cross-cultural adaptation

  • Analyze the impact of culture on verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Demonstrate cross-cultural communication skills

  • Focus on cross-cultural communication in a business context

  • Focus on UK, US, China or India depending on priorities and personal experience

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