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Motivational, enhancing and inspiring

MMP and Storytelling were complementary seminars. In 3 words: motivational, enhancing and inspiring. It was good to train different pitches and hear others participants talking about how they understood my message and behaviour.  The fact that we were recorded and that we got the opportunity to get direct feedback was the best way to master the techniques learned. I got the opportunity to get useful tools to take back to my meetings and daily business activity. Now I feel confident about my future performances, when dealing with customers. Trainers Liz and Brad were excellent.  I would definitely recommend this course. I am looking forward to booking an individual course. The workshop was well organised and professionally managed. Thanks a lot.

Patricia WEISS

Fundamental techniques for presentations

I acquired all the fundamental techniques for presentations and was able to put them into practice immediately. This seminar has absolutely strengthened the impact of my presentations.

Guillaume MASSARD
GL Events

Make presentations more dynamic

In a context where competition is fierce and offerings are numerous, being different is a necessity to exist and be attractive for customers. This training provides the keys and tricks to make presentations more dynamic.

Jean-Claude BARBERI
City Stone