The power of silence

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Watching Christine Lagarde give the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the IBA Annual Conference in Washington in 2016, it is clear that she is the consummate public speaker. However, what is particularly striking is her exquisite use of silence. Christine Lagarde, like all good speakers, knows the power of silence. Indeed, silence is […]

Emotionally attractive

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We spend a lot of time talking about how attractive celebrities and athletes are. Paul Newman’s blue eyes, Antoine Griezmann’s cute baby face, Usain Bolt’s lightning speed, Audrey Hepburn’s gamine elegance… Most of the time, though, our success is based on something we have far more control over: our emotional attractiveness. People who are open, […]

Only say one thing at a time

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You may not have many opportunities to take the stage, grab the microphone and put on your show. And you want to make sure everyone understands precisely what went into your thinking, how you built your logic. You want to show that you have done your homework. You master the subject. But if you try […]

How much does a ton weigh?

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It’s very common to hear technical descriptions that describe heavy objects in tonnage. So how big is a ton of feathers? Assuming that a ton of feathers has a similar density to a pillow, meaning about .02g/cm3, the volume would be around 4.5 cubic meters; that’s enough to almost fill two Bentleys. The reality is […]