How much does a ton weigh?

Sep 06

It’s very common to hear technical descriptions that describe heavy objects in tonnage. So how big is a ton of feathers? Assuming that a ton of feathers has a similar

Be “the different one” in your next presentation

Jul 25

For all of us who are old enough to remember, Star Trek was THE cult series when we were growing up. Leonard Nimoy who played the role of Spock, created

Eye contact

Jul 12

Everyone knows that it is important to maintain eye contact with the audience when speaking in public. But why and how exactly should you do this? Firstly, let’s address the

Projecting your voice: resonance

Jul 05

You are about to make a career-changing presentation and you know that in order to be heard by everyone present and to have an impact, you should project your voice.

The advantages of being a non-native English speaker

Jun 27

You are stressed about making a presentation in English because it’s not your mother tongue, right? You think that everyone is watching and waiting to pick up on your every

Visual aids

Jun 22

Visual aids are an effective way of supporting and bringing an extra to any presentation. However, they should be used moderately as too much can distract the audience from the