Taking the defense of repetition

Mar 07

Saying something more than once isn’t a problem of poor memory or your bad organization in a presentation. Repeating yourself, saying something twice, is a useful response to the distractions,

Playing to your strengths

Feb 28

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are captivating storytellers. Some of us are comedians. Some are magicians at bringing numbers and figures to life while other speakers

Work that body!

Feb 21
Body language can be a powerful tool which contributes to the overall efficacy of your presentation. Use it to enhance your public speaking and have

Structure sets you free

Feb 14

This phrase may seem contradictory at first but in fact it’s quite logical. Think about road infrastructure for a moment. You have an intricate framework that allows a car to

Hope and reality

Feb 07

  Sometimes, we don’t make presentations based on what we’ve got, but rather we present what ‘could be’. This happens all the time. Movie producers buy scripts for sometimes millions

The rule of 3

Jan 31

Structure is important. In storytelling and in presentations it allows your message to be engaging, memorable and easy to follow. The rule of three is designed to help you achieve