Am I repeating myself?

Oct 24

A lot of presenters are afraid to repeat themselves but repetition is truly the art of pedagogy. To ground your leadership and show direction in your presentations, make sure that

The power of silence

Oct 18

Watching Christine Lagarde give the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the IBA Annual Conference in Washington in 2016, it is clear that she is the consummate public speaker.

Emotionally attractive

Oct 04

We spend a lot of time talking about how attractive celebrities and athletes are. Paul Newman’s blue eyes, Antoine Griezmann’s cute baby face, Usain Bolt’s lightning speed, Audrey Hepburn’s gamine

Only say one thing at a time

Sep 28

You may not have many opportunities to take the stage, grab the microphone and put on your show. And you want to make sure everyone understands precisely what went into

What happens when you are nervous?

Sep 20

This is a bug in our DNA. When we’re on the spot, giving a speech, or improvising an answer at a big meeting, we get nervous. We sweat and speak

The rationality paradox

Sep 13

Perhaps you are a scientist, a financial analysist, an engineer; so it’s possible that you get paid to make rational decisions. Decisions that lead to the outcomes and objectives you