The silent dynamic

Jan 23

The silent dynamic is an expression used to refer to the ‘vibe’ in a room, that helps you pick up on audience expectation while you’re speaking. Sometimes it’s obvious. When

The language of power

Jan 16

Did you know that in the corporate world, people spend up to 40% of their time trying to convince other people? Communicating with greater authority and leadership depends not only

The secret to great presentations in 2018

Jan 10

2017 has come and gone. I’m sure that you made some good presentations and some that could have gone better. So what is the secret to great presentations in 2018?


Jan 03

You can use a complicated term as a technique to catch interest. It wakes people up and makes them wonder. But then, you need to make sure that everyone is

One simple question before making your next presentation

Dec 20

What’s the outcome I want to achieve by making this presentation? When you get clear and honest with yourself about the desired outcome, it then becomes so much easier to


Dec 13

To really shine during your next presentation, get mentally prepared. To be good at speaking in public, do what all world-class athletes do – visualization. Imagine the state of mind