Never go over time

May 02

I recently went to meet a prospect on a sales visit. Upon arriving, I noticed that he was clearly having an unexpectedly hectic day. He apologized profusely and said he

Slides are free

Apr 25

When was the last time you sat in a meeting room observing a presentation and the presenter gave you loads of text on each slide? Your challenge was to decide

So much to say, so little time

Apr 19

So how do you make a great 3-minute presentation? You take your time, and stop, precisely at the 2’55’’ mark. No more. The alternative is to give a four or

Some slides are 10 times better than others

Apr 11

If you use Powerpoint, think about this: Never read the words. Your powerpoint slides are not supposed to be a teleprompter. If you want your audience to read the precise

Listening to the silence between the words

Mar 30

Silence is one of the most powerful tools a speaker can use. And one of the most difficult to master.   Often due to nervousness, many speakers feel compelled to

Lancement de « Power and Pizazz », une formation dédiée aux femmes managers

Mar 27

Nous proposons une nouvelle formation spécialement dédiée aux femmes managers, chefs de projets ou entrepreneuses désireuses de maîtriser la liberté de parole devant un auditoire dans