2 secrets to great presentations

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Secret #1 is the toughest one: Be prepared to make a few ‘not so great presentations’. The first time you do anything is not going to be as good as the 10th or 100th time. Jump on the learning curve immediately and get started. You’ll quickly start enjoying the progress you can see and feel […]

They are better than you are

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There are people who speak better English than you do. There are people who have more vocabulary and a better accent. Some people have more flair and pizazz than you do… But who cares? The answer is: nobody cares. Decide what you want and how you can structure the message in your next presentation to […]

Never go over time

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I recently went to meet a prospect on a sales visit. Upon arriving, I noticed that he was clearly having an unexpectedly hectic day. He apologized profusely and said he only had 15 minutes maximum for me. I smiled and said, “That’s more than enough.” We spoke for a few minutes and agreed on the […]

Slides are free

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When was the last time you sat in a meeting room observing a presentation and the presenter gave you loads of text on each slide? Your challenge was to decide whether you would listen to the presenter or try to understand the slides; of course, you can read much faster than people normally speak. Remember […]