Playing to your strengths

Posted on Posted in Presentations, Professional Development, Public Speaking

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are captivating storytellers. Some of us are comedians. Some are magicians at bringing numbers and figures to life while other speakers understand how to control their body language and gestures to define their presence and take command of their environment.

Considering this, it’s important to remember there is no one-size-fits-all solution to presentations. The most effective speakers are those that fully understand their strengths and are able to use them to create a presence that is genuine and relatable. Most of us have likely been in at least one situation where the speaker made us uncomfortable due to their over-exaggeration or forced performance only to appease the audience.

When preparing your next presentation, determine your talents and personality and figure out how you can use them to connect with your audience in an authentic and genuine manner. When you are comfortable in your own skin, your audience will gravitate to your uniqueness and authenticity. We’ve seen the great speakers of the past and no one wants to see them imitated. We want something new and unique; you!

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