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You are about to make a career-changing presentation and you know that in order to be heard by everyone present and to have an impact, you should project your voice. But what does this actually mean?

Projecting your voice is much more than just speaking louder. By simply raising your voice, you risk straining it or coming across as shouty. You don’t want that!

In order to project your voice with impact and create a sound your audience enjoys listening to, you need to have resonance. Resonance comes from the Latin resonantia‘echo’ from resonare ‘to sound again’. When you speak, resonance is created inside the body as well as outside. This can be felt in the head or in the chest.

In order to project your voice in an effective and agreeable manner, you need to bring your voice down into your chest and make it resonate there. Practice this by placing your hand on your chest when you speak. Feel it resonate.

Moving your voice from your head to your chest and increasing resonance will enable you to be heard by everyone in the room and to get your message across.