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You are stressed about making a presentation in English because it’s not your mother tongue, right? You think that everyone is watching and waiting to pick up on your every mistake?

Think again! It can actually be to your advantage that you are not a native speaker of the language. Why? For several reasons.

Firstly, people are likely to respect and empathize with you more because they know you are facing and indeed rising to the double challenge of making a presentation and using a foreign language. Secondly, your audience is likely to be more forgiving if you make grammatical mistakes than they would be of a native speaker. Indeed, you can use great rhetorical techniques such as word clouds to minimize your need for long, full sentences. Finally, you are less likely to use alienating slang, jargon, acronyms or complicated terminology.

Just remember, use simple, active language, speak slowly and clearly, have great slides and get plenty of practice and you’ll do a great job!